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Has God Called You to Serve at Camp?

Camp Christian is seeking qualified individuals or a couple to serve the Lord as the Camp Managers.  If you have further questions or are interested in applying please call 970-250-6588.



Position Summary

The Camp Manager will oversee the maintenance and service of all buildings and property at Camp Christian.  Responsible for keeping all required systems running so that camps can be conducted without interruption.  Will schedule and plan for the opening and closing of camp each season.  The manager stays at camp when the facility is open, which is from May through October, with occasional days off between rental camps.

Background Required and Qualifications

  • Is a baptized believer within the Restoration (Christian Church/Church of Christ) Movement.

  • Must be regularly involved and attending a church when possible and maintaining personal spiritual health and growth.

  • Must be at least 25 years of age.

  • Must have experience in maintenance/minor repairs/construction.

  • Must possess good leadership abilities, management and organizational skills.

  • Must have an ability to work collaboratively with others, and delegate when necessary.

  • Must be patient, enthusiastic, self-controlled and dependable.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be knowledgeable of and adhere to all camp policies, rules, and guidelines including those of modest dress, abstaining from smoking and drinking on camp property, and abstaining from the use of inappropriate language.

  • Attend executive and general board meetings.

  • Oversee maintenance including:

    • Spring workdays- Opening of Camp

    • Fall closing- Winterizing of Camp

    • Schedule trash pick-up, propane service calls, port-a-potty service/delivery

    • Clean grounds after every camp

    • Dorm cleaning and restocking of bathrooms

    • Empty trash in dorms daily and from dining hall after each meal

    • Electrical

    • Plumbing

    • Painting as needed

    • Check water level in cistern regularly

    • Recertify fire-extinguishers each spring

    • Test fire alarms each spring

    • Keep campus neat by trimming trees, leaf removal, mowing and edging.

    • Schedule with contractors as needed


  • Maintain accurate records and report to the Camp Director any expenditures.  Expenditures over $1,000 should be agree to with director or treasurer.

  • Maintain proper/appropriate relationships with campers, counselors, and staff.

  • Helping to develop camp and its facilities for future growth and needs.

  • In cooperation with the Camp Deans, monitor and ensure appropriate student behavior and adherence to camp rules and regulations.

  • Has knowledge of and handles emergency situations as-needed.

  • Be on-sight camp personnel for rental camps as scheduled.

  • Be available during camps to assist with scheduled activities like starting campfires, setting up chapel, filling water coolers, etc.

  • Purchase paper products for bathrooms and kitchen, cleaning supplies, and maintenance supplies

  • Other duties as assigned.


General Daily Duties when Camp is in Session

All Day:

1) Assist or oversee dishwashing

2) Remove trash from kitchen and dining hall after each meal

3) Have mops and brooms available for clean up (done by campers)

4) Make sure all kitchen equipment is operable (ice maker, etc.)

5) Check paper towels & tissues in kitchen bathroom


Early Morning Tasks:

  1. Arise early.  The cooks will be up early and may need assistance.  Good idea to check with them by 6:00 AM. 

  2. Check the chapel early to clean up after the previous night’s activities. 

  3. Check restrooms and empty trash.

  4. Fill up water cooler.


Once the Morning session has begun go to Dorms:

  1. Check all bathrooms for running water, plugged toilets, tissue and towel needs, and refill soap containers.

  2. Mop floors, if needed.

  3. Check lights and remove excess trash.


Throughout the Day:

  1. Check camp schedule to see if there are any special needs such as campfire at night or play activities that require equipment, etc.

  2. Manager lights the campfire and puts it out.

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